When it comes to the college level, essay writing becomes more complicated. At this level, students have to write complex papers like research papers or thesis papers. When it comes to writingargumentative essays, getting good grades is no stroll in the park.

How do you end an argumentative essay?

  1. Restate your topic and why it is important,
  2. Restate your thesis/claim,
  3. Address opposing viewpoints and explain why readers should align with your position,
  4. Call for action or overview future research possibilities.

Remember not to include too much information or make mistakes common among new writers, like being wordy or not including evidence. After deciding on a topic fromargumentative essay topicsavailable https://www.hoteladria.com/2023/02/06/11-8-writing-an-abstract/ online, you can read some great argumentative essay examples mentioned below. These examples will help you understand what an argumentative essay is and how to write a perfect one.

Argumentative Essay Example for O Level

This is central to the success of any student that the student uses own work and ideas. Plagiarism free paper is the most crucial to the success of the student. The copied paper can lead to triumph for short-run but takes the student far behind https://www.lebenstraum-biodanza.de/how-to-write-a-perfect-book-review-tips-examples/ from the academic success. But there are many issues regarding the utilization of Smartphone-based on health, economic, social, as well as legal. Individuals were asked to explain what impact these new phones contain on their running lives.

sample of good argumentative essay

Then, evidence of these benefits being positive is presented through results of their survey. Your thesis statement should be supported by evidence, so make sure your introductory paragraph flows easily into the body. If you’re struggling with what types of evidence to include, think about what can be seen as common sense, backed essay review services up by research or stated by an expert. Narrowing down your argument is important because it allows readers to focus on the main point of your essay. If you’re having trouble narrowing down your ideas, try listing reasons why one option would be better than the other or what impact it will have if certain things are changed.

Precis Writing: How to Summarize Complex Ideas in Simple Terms

Recently, the World Unplugged Project decided to see how long individuals could go without their device and the results were not promising. In conclusion, the level of income inequality in our world is off the chart. High-ranking employee or CEO makes an enormous amount more than a basement-level employee. We need to work towards improving companies so that this enormous disparity of wealth is reduced. Government intervention, wage caps and other methods can be used to do this. CEOs can also accept that what they are receiving is unacceptable and plough their wage back into investment in their company and the people below them, however, this is up to them and not us.

sample of good argumentative essay

The main point is that the body requires a certain amount of daily fluid intake, and it is important to maintain proper hydration levels for overall health. It is not necessary to drink eight glasses of water each day, but one should drink enough to urinate at least four times per day. The terms “argumentative” and “persuasive” are often used interchangeably, but they are technically two different types of essays. Both argumentative and persuasive essays use evidence and logic to defend a position.

What To Write In The Conclusion For An Argumentative Essay

Seeing if your thesis creates a powerful antithesis is an excellent approach to determine how strong it is. The conclusion should correlate with your statement and correspond to the model you use. Based on the argumentative type, decide which model suits your essay the most. If research organizations are allowed to use the technique of cloning to a restricted level, things may work out well. However, allowing such experiments requires extensive care and monitoring, which is an intricate and yet delicate task. Even a little mistake in this field can lead to horrible consequences.

sample of good argumentative essay

This argumentative essay sample details how the case reached the Supreme Court and the arguments used by both sides. This legal analysis paper shows an excellent understanding of the various opinions and the case in general. It would be a good reference for a student sample of good argumentative essay who wants to analyze a high profile court decision. While starting a community garden on campus might have some initial costs, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Colleges already pay for landscaping—why not plant edible landscaping and enlist students in the project?

How to Write a Good Argument Essay

It would be a good reference for a student who wants to write about economics of a current event situation. When you sketch your outline, quickly ask yourself if the outline would make just as much sense if you rearranged it. If the answer is yes, try to structure your argument so that your points build off one another.

  • Still not sure how to make your argumentative essay sound convincing?
  • Proponents of this idea state that it will save local cities and towns money because libraries are expensive to maintain.
  • Moreover, it is a lot of fun to try and put an argument together coherently and win over the audience.
  • Our expert writers will craft a perfect argumentative essay or any kind of other research paper for you.
  • The thesis appears early, is stated clearly, and is supported throughout the rest of the essay.

An Argumentative essay relies on evidence and logic to prove that a viewpoint is valid or invalid or to convince an audience to take action. The reader knows what to expect from the article because the thesis claim clearly explains its stance.

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It does not matter if you are writing a basic argumentative essay or an argumentative research paper. You need to do proper research for your introduction to be effective. Students often skip this step and degrade the quality of accounting assignment helper their argumentative essay. If you will closely look at expert-written argumentative essay examples you will see that they are completely flawless. It is very natural to make mistakes but you should never forget to edit them.

  • The introduction of the essay does a good job of laying out the seriousness of the problem, but the conclusion is short and abrupt.
  • We have listed some vital information which you must know to write a good argumentative essay.
  • The common phone is completely central to the lives of many and not just for their function as a phone either.

With the help of these instruments, you are more than capable of composing the content according to any academic requirements. Nova Allison is a Digital Content Strategist with over eight years of experience.

h Grade Argumentative Essay Examples

Like the Wasatch Gardens, the community garden at Montclair does more than just fee students. It also supports the community as a whole, improving relations with the community while it assists students in need.

sample of good argumentative essay

For whatever length of time that love is in presence, individuals have thought about beauty. From old days, when the ruler looked for the most beautiful woman of the area to the current day, when individuals get the chance to pick their life-partners. In this argument, I will discuss the issue of cyber-bullying, and I will do the sensible discussion of this issue. In this contention, I will demonstrate my support in the battle against bullying. During the time, numerous things have changed; however, it is a serious issue around the world. The female candidate has to struggle at a civil construction site where they have to do mostly physical work if they chose civil engineering. Is also a risk in electric plant and an electric panel where require physical and mental work which is difficult for a female candidate.

Tips for Writing a Good Argumentative Essay

It is important to take sufficient care about the data that you are going to use in your essay. Good conclusion paragraph examples for an argumentative essay can be about any topic. They can be something like whether admission essay editor abortion is a fundamental right for women. In such essay cases, your moral perspective plays a considerable role. But, no matter your point, it is crucial to state your ideas without offending anyone else.

  • Also, the students should be made aware of different forms of plagiarism as sometimes, the plagiarism is unintentional.
  • No other tool has been increased drastically among the populace than mobile phone other than its societal and private impact is not obviously recognized.
  • Instead of developing plans to treat malaria after the infection has incurred, programs should focus on preventing infection from occurring in the first place.
  • There is various career option after completing school level but to choose right career depends on the student’s strength, weakness, area of interest and long-term career goal.
  • A good conclusion restates your thesis statement and sums up all claims presented throughout body paragraphs.

Picking interesting argumentative essay topics makes it easier to write an interesting introduction. Another set of topics that guarantee good introductions are the controversial argumentative essay topics.

Argumentative Essay Examples for High School

Claim – At the beginning of an argument essay, you state an opinion, eg. Convincing Statement Your main statement logical and compelling enough to get https://rucknroll.es/best-college-essay-writing-services/ a reader to consider the presented perspective. Quotes can be a great way to grab readers’ attention and get them thinking about what you plan to say.